Cottages Granny Flats & Modular Kit Homes

Many people think of cottages and cabins as cosy, and they associate them with comfort and minimalistic living. Others may think of them as vacation homes. Our cottages granny flats & modular kit homes are reasdy to assemble in just days and can be completely customised to suit your family requirements.

Our cottages can be purchased for all sorts of reasons. They can be smaller than larger granny flats, and can be any design or style you require as we customise the cottage to suit you. Often, we can extend these cottages by adding another room, or smaller cabin at a later date.

Just like granny flats they are easy to install; they can be erected in two days depending on the size and are a great DIY (do it yourself) project.

At Phoenix Patios Perth

We have installed or range of Cottages Granny Flats & Modular Kit Homes in all areas of Perth; in the hills, down south and in people’s backyards. Warm, cosy, private, they can be a retreat for one, or many, a studio, an office, o for extra accommodation.

The outside architecture of our cottages are influenced by rural timber styles cottages and bungalows, and are ideal for a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle

Our range of Cottages Granny Flats & Modular Kit Homes are not just for older family members wishing to stay closer to their families ; they’re are a stylistic choice for singles, couples and families interested in low maintenance lifestyle of living without compromising on style choice range.

  • No prefabricated buildings
  • Your choice of colour scheme with helpful advice from our colour consultant
  • Can be designed to match the colour of your house, your exterior cladding roof pitch and even the roof tiles
  • Your choice of quality standard or luxury finishes to suit your taste and budget
  • Choice of exterior and interior finishes

Some of our recent designs

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