Person using a drill to drive a screw into wooden planks on a Phoenix Patios construction site. Phoenix Patios, Cottages and Granny Flats in Perth


Phoenix Patios and Outdoor Centre has been operating since 1980. We build quality patios in Perth at factory direct prices that will add value to your home. We pride ourselves on a professional, reliable and friendly service. Our outdoor patios are manufactured to a high quality standard. You deal directly with us and receive personalised service. At Phoenix Patios, we measure, quote and draw the plans.

  • Family owned and operated Australian based business
  • Architecturally designed and engineered Granny Flats for comfortable and cost effective modern living
  • Extensive experience in the building industry providing you with the highest quality service and peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible results
  • Designs to suit any lifestyle including city, suburban and rural
  • Our architecturally designed buildings look like a house not like a Granny Flat, built from the ground up to achieve maximum results


Phoenix Patios & Outdoor Centre Perth WA are skilled granny flat builders and installers in Perth; our mission and commitment is to build you your granny flat, studio, cabin accommodation of your design and choice to a professional standard.

Our dedicated family and traditional approach to customer service is friendly, professional and caring; and we will always go that extra mile.

We pride ourselves on a professional, reliable and friendly service. Our outdoor patios are manufactured to a high quality standard.

Our team will take care of the installation process for you. We will leave your property clean, tidy and ready for you to sit back and enjoy your new patio and outdoor entertaining area.


  • What are the sizes of the granny flats that I can build as ancillary accommodation?

    The floor space that is allowed for a granny flat in WA is 70 square metres. This does not include patios, pergolas or garages.

  • Who can live in a granny flat?

    Councils used to specify that it had to be a family member, but now home owners can rent out the accommodation to anyone. Home owners who can’t or don’t want to subdivide, can build one of our inexpensive granny flats and rent it out.

  • Do you custom build the granny flats, or are they kit homes?

    We custom build your granny flats, cabins, studios to suit your requirements. You can also do it your self. They are provided and delivered as flatpacks. You can install them very quickly on your own, with our support and assistance. See our great videos on installation.

  • Can I design my home, to accommodate my block which has space at the side of the block, and at the back?

    Yes absolutely. Our modular designs, mean you can install your granny flats around your existing home. We have built large granny flats in L shapes, and U shapes.

  • If I want to build my own cabin, cottage, studio or granny flat, do I need to speak to council?

    Each council may have different requirements for rules and regulations for planning and building, we will speak to the council on your behalf to seek approval and planning permission.

  • How long does it take to get a cabin once it’s ordered?

    We are ordering stock all the time. We get the flat packs into Perth, and deliver to site if you are building it yourself. For a more customised design, or modified design, this will take a little longer, but once on-site the installation time is quick.

  • Do I need to install a cabin, cottage on a concrete slab?

    No. Most people install the cabin on joists, which are concreted into the ground. This saves a lot of money, time and means the cabin, cottage in some ways can be taken down and re-installed elsewhere. BUT we recommend you consult us before doing this.

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