Granny flat designs and prices

Building a granny flat in Perth

Our Granny flat designs and prices offer the buyer a quality and affordable living space. The range includes cottages and cabins from as little as $10,000 to larger granny flats from as little as $ 50,000. We also offer our timber granny flats cottages studios and cabins as ready to assemble timber kits.

These economical and affordable structures use engineered spruce or pine logs that fit together with interlocking joints and corners insuring an airtight structure ensuring that the granny flat designs and prices are easy to customise and quick to install and most importantly affordable.

Phoenix Granny Flats WA designs are a rustic timber stylish designs, featuring high-quality robust materials made for Western Australian Conditions. They’re designed to fit with your existing property and add value and space to your home with a beautiful feel and look of a country cottage.

Each model comes with assembly instructions and best of all … it’s a great do-it-yourself project.

Granny flat designs and prices for the Australian family and the Australian way of life!

When building a granny flat in Perth with Phoenix Granny Flats WA we take care of all the planning and approvals.

If you prefer not to assemble it yourself, then

Phoenix Granny Flats WA can build your granny flat at an affordable price.

Our granny flats, cabins, studios are complete with windows and doors and if you choose a model with interior walls, interior doors are included in your package.

After building a granny flat they are ready for staining, varnishing, sealing or painting so you can have the finish of your choice.

Granny Flat Installation Utilities

Utility infrastructure such as electricity, water and gas plumbing, phone lines and internal fittings such as showers, kitchen, wet areas are not included. We have professionals that can talk over your ideas, and help you with the electrics, plumbing, gas and utilities.

Unlike many companies we don’t force you to accept our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom layouts and fittings. This means you save money.

When installing your granny flat you can choose what fixtures and fitting you want from many reputable suppliers with unlimited designs to suit your specific creative ideas and needs

For example:

Ikea Kitchen Planner

Bunnings Kitchen Planner

Bathroom Planner Reece Plumbing

Videos of Phoenix building our granny flats...

WA Granny Flat by Cottage Creations
Granny Flat Design from as little as $12,000

Granny Flat Designs and Prices from as little as $14,000

Granny Flat Designs and Prices - The Loft Series

Granny Flat Designs and Prices – The Loft Series

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